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Are you pagan? A witch? Mystic or an alternative path? This post is for you ❤️🧿⚔️🧿

A few days ago I was at the gas station when the cashier noticed my scheelite ring and said she had an outfit for it and I mentioned I run a metaphysical shop and make jewelry and sell jewelry like what im wearing.

A police woman behind me asked what I saw for her and I told her as I left the male officer behind her gave me a strange look. As I started my car my mom called and asked me to grab her a chocolate w nuts i went back in and the cashier looked at me like she didn’t know what to say. She rang me up and said “hey sweetie that officer said what ever you just told her really was about to happen and you can’t give me a read? Tell me what you see 😂 “

I tell this story not to gloat but to my friends and people of alternative paths that are questioning or doubting their gifts and abilities or path… others don’t have to understand what you’re doing ALWAYS KEEP GOING

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Happy Independence Day 💥